1. What carrier do you ship with? US Postal Service or Fedex to the United States only. No international shipments, not even to Canada.

  2. Can I get a multiple paddle discount?  YES!!  You get 5% off additional paddles.  Contact me for details before you pay.

  3. Do you offer storm paddles?  I can, but I'm not a fan.  For a spare I recommend a properly sized paddle.  If a properly sized paddle won't fit on deck, then a shorter than normal paddle that fits is recommended.

  4. Do you offer shoulderless paddles?  Yes.  Inquire within.

  5. How much will my paddle weigh?  It depends on several factors, but its safe to say about 26-30 ounces for plain cedar and 30-32 ounces for a locust armored version.  Some are less.  See my in-stock paddles for examples that have been weighed.

  6. What happens if I break my paddle?  Please contact me if this happens.  I may be able to do something about it, and it is essential R&D for me.  For example, one customer emailed to order another paddle after slamming it in a car door.  Based on photos of the damage, I changed the way I built subsequent blades.  My paddles are better for it.  That said, I have yet to hear of a paddle breaking from normal use.  Still waiting....

  7. How do I take care of my paddle?  Please see the Paddle Care Guide.

  8. Do you offer 2-piece breakdown paddles?    No, not at this time.

  9. What about norsaqs/rolling sticks?  I don't offer them, but I kind of like them.

  10. Can I order a blade wider than 3-1/8"?  I try to discourage this because 3 to 3-1/8 inches is the sweet spot with these paddles.  Folks will sometimes ask for a wider blade, but such paddles are always heavier than the additional width would suggest, and most of that weight is added to the tips.  Additional width also catches the wind more, and makes the wood more prone to instability caused by changes in humidity.

  11. Why are the blades so skinny anyway?  I'm glad you asked!  Click HERE for my answer.