This design is a MacGregor by Iain Oughtred.  Named after the famous Scot John MacGregor of  "A Thousand Miles in the Rob Roy Canoe" fame, this boat is a nod to the type of boat John MacGregor made famous in the late 19th century.

For sale or trade $4000

sailing canoe


-LOA: 15'8"

-Beam: 31"

-Weight, bare hull: about 70 pounds

-Cockpit Length: 75"

-Construction: Glued Lapstrake with System Three epoxy, 4mm Okoume planking and decks, ash stems and deck framing, white oak floors, floorboards, backrest, and coaming, mahogany gunwale, Douglas Fir spars, nearly new sails by Todd Bradshaw, all rigged with beautiful, traditional looking, three strand "synthetic manila" line.

-All spars, sails, and accessories fit inside the boat for transport or storage.

macgregor canoe
salingcanoe 008.JPG
oughtred canoe