Email Fixed, New Website, New Paddles, New Vigor

If you have been trying to email me, I'm sorry for the snafu.  My sincere apologies if you tried to contact me but got no response.

My correct email is

Remember to add that "01", and I'll do my best to do the same!

Now, on to the point at hand:  I have been in the throes of website building for the last three weeks.  I hope you like it.  I've also been building Greenland paddles to beat the band, trying to populate my online store with a nice selection while keeping up with custom orders.

So I'm finally ready for more BOATS!  I have two new designs to build and test, which I expect will take about a year.  I'll of course write progress reports here. I'm also entertaining producing a lines plan and building guide for the kayak Rebecca, and offering them for sale.  So stay tuned.  But in the short term, its all about building Greenland paddles for the summer season.