The Sea kayak "Rebecca"

Length: 15'-10"      Max beam: 22 1/4"     Depth to sheer: 8 1/2"     Max depth: 13"     Weight: 30 pounds


Introducing Rebecca, my first kayak design.  Refined over countless prototypes, and designed to be my go-to boat, Rebecca is a 16 foot skin on frame sea kayak.  Beautiful, balanced in wind and waves, light and responsive, Rebecca could very well be your first choice too.  Rebecca is designed to perform well without a rudder.  She’ll carve leaned turns beautifully, yet track solidly with minimal fuss in a quartering following sea.  Her buoyant bow rides over chop, and what little water makes it on deck is quickly shed by its peaked shape.  Surfing is actually controllable with edging, sweep strokes and occasional stern rudder.  Substantial flare handles big loads and steep waves well.  For all her rough water ability, Rebecca will still accelerate quickly and glide well.  She’s also fast for her length.  At 4 MPH she cruises easily, with a sprint speed of about 6 MPH.  You won’t be left in the wake of other paddlers in cruising kayaks.  Rebecca weighs only 30 pounds!  Try it yourself; a light boat is a boat that gets used.  Load her onto the car by yourself, or portage easily.  For all this convenience, ballistic nylon skin on frame construction is incredibly--almost unbelievably--tough and resilient.  

Rebecca bow

UPDATE:  I originally wrote this page on August 6, 2010, and five years later I can honestly say that Rebecca has proven to be an outstanding sea kayak.  I wouldn't change a word of my original description; she has proven herself worthy of it, and more.  Additionally, this kayak excels at punching through chop with no fuss, no pounding.  Like riding on a cloud.  Just paddle one, you'll see.

Let me build one, customized to fit you, for $2300.  Delivery is available to the continental U.S. and Canada for a fee.  Contact me and we'll discuss it.  I ship with a specialized small boat transport company, and as such it can take about a month (or more) to deliver to far flung places.  Overall wait from time ordering can be up to 3 months.  Again, contact me for up to date information.

Macgregor Sailing Canoe

15'8" Length, 31" Beam, Full Sailing Rig

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$4000 Or Trade